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275Ilikecookiez[Global] [Nyathera]: Conan survived the Wheel of Pain but the Hamster Wheel of Kuth would have broken his soul!
274Irritanto[Global] [Madlily]: if you use that flint and tinder campfire item in conarch village a guard comes and pisses it out [Global] [Borodain]: yeah, that happends in tarantia as well :)
273Thesage[Global] [Helvald]: once ai can reverse engineer the code we can have more mount recolors
272Yaywalker[Raid] [Nosfrateti]: I have a very nice bug [Raid] [Tantille]: need some bug spray?
271Untgrad[Global] [Betun]: T6 Hispanos 2nd day (rocknoses and Zelandra) lf 1 tos (preferably rogue)
270Semitrailer[Global] [Ophiolatreia]: Hello anyone plays from steam ? [Global] [Mazohisto]: nope, we all use electricity nowdays
269Yaywalker[Raid] [Yekeron]: The Jade Citadel Graveyard
268Yaywalker[Global] [Sucicka]: where are gazelles horns? for tamarin mount quest [Global] [Tura]: usually stuck to gazelles
267Untgrad[Guild] [Honeyshadow]: 3 sins and a barb walked into a bar [Guild] [Honeyshadow]: they all died [Guild] [Honeyshadow]: from aggro [Guild] [Papayapie]: :( [Guild] [Honeyshadow]: they forgot their aggrodumps:( [Guild] [Honeyshadow]: was very sad
266Foxyhoxx[Raid] [Sunshinedt]: i pay my tanking its more then 10 g^^
265Salamando[Guild] [Salamando]: soon we can do full PoM dungeon groups! <-- honey make me do this, I'm sorry guyz
264Ignorantus[NPH] [Acadianna]: next Thor [Global] [Haggai]: I'm considering boycotting Thor, that last movie was even worse than the second one.
263Theonym[Lunkwilla] shouts: For Fruitia!
262Untgrad[Raid] [Irzu]: we have a dead guy, wipe it lol [Raid] [Valheeria]: 2 now, its a disaster
261Honeypomm[Raid] [Flanka]: ty for raid Honey rules Rada drools!! bye bye :)
260Honeyshammie[Raid] [Nectis]: big bad wolf [Raid] [Nectis]: he molested me like i was little red riding hood :p
259Honeyshammie[Global] [Skozaa]: Hello. How much Offhand-rating is 1%? [Global] [Toffeess]: 1%
258Lunkwilla[Guild] [Thomaran]: next Indiana Jones movie will be great! Mark my words! :)
257Seongmina[Raid] [Horribles]: the bombs make plants yes, then spawn scorpions, so explode the bombs 1st then no scorpions, its simple
256Tymra Vanir Captive: You don't scare me, weakling. Hunger passes. Bloodthirst is eternal.
255Demoliicious[Lionpride]: thats not enough to go off of. HR on a Pom is important because if procs the DPS
254MielesitaYour Deathwish hits you for 12622 damage.
253Broccozilla[22:01] [Wandesa]: care to explain urself tough boy ?
252Honeycleaner[Raid] [Tjorgan]: 4 clucker we are need all other on the boss
251Thesage[NPH] [Beralonia]: You guys have cunning plan to push WB to river and drowning it there?
250Honeycleaner[NPH] [Darkzod]: oh man these hot cheetos will set my butthole on fire tomorrow but worth it damnit lol
249Honeypomm[Global] [Bafemi]: I am sub. I shall name my horse Ed.
248Radex[Aprill]: you can relog [Aprill]: as long as he puts master loot [Aprill]: i do raids every day ^^ [Aprill]: trust me you can relog [Aprill]: you have t6 gear [Aprill]: you should know that [Radex]: sure thing
247SkorpainaKing Atzel the Nithing: I am king here. Warriors to me, archers to me, all of you to your king!
246Honeycleaner[Raid] [Taterblod]: Let the tanks gather them before DPS nukes [Raid] [Serrafrigga]: Shut your whore face [Raid] [Taterblod]: oi [Raid] [Demonastic]: lol [Raid] [Serrafrigga]: I mean, good idea bro
245Mielesita[Global] [Czapa]: AZCEL FORTEC LF 2 TANK 1 HEALERS 2 DPS-1/6
244Thesage[Global] [Jonnyringo]: why tanks cant hold aggro this days the game is real dead just nabs left in this game ^^ [Global] [Darram]: you are still here, what does that make you?
243Yaphit[Global] [Syrreal]: you pull boss on rezzpad again? you are so behindert
242Haikano[20:48] [Global] [Zerifos]: to my opinion poms neednt vengeance tree .Its useless .as poms cant have good dps
241Honeycleaner[Global] [Vladislav]: what generation is Forrest Gump? Gen A!
240Honeycleaner[Group] [Xerzex]: Yep, you are correct both. Even Honey
239Honeypomm[Global] [Fairlights]: pom has like 2 spells lol
238Marraskuussa[20:38] [Guild] [Honeypomm]: i dont go to cinemas, have to wear pants there
237Honeyshammie[Raid] [Tienirian]: Your Spell heals Imp for 21474836
236Honey[Raid] [Nekreena]: Honey - you deserve a medal !
235Honeypomm[Group] [Xerzex]: Yep [Group] [Nyseh]: what [Group] [Xerzex]: Fuck
234MhegairaCitizen: You call that healthy? A stiff wind would crack that sack of skin and kindling.
233Chabuduo[Raid] [Ingemaros]: I hate the buffing up on the barb...
232JahreszeitenNobleman: You deserve everything you get, you rotten bastard!
231Lunkwilla[Global] [Axeperience]: PvP will soon dominate Crom
230Honeypomm[Group] [Honeypomm]: naah we clean [Group] [Xerzex]: Mobs this time. Not friends.
229Tisifoni[21:11] [Holdtheline]: ur a naughty hox
228Jahreszeiten Nobleman: Who's laughing now, donkey-poker?
227Thesage(WB Thunder River)[Guild] [Honeypomm]: aww it made me bald again [Guild] [Yarnessa]: it's phil collins night again [Guild] [Honeypomm]: who? :D [Guild] [Mhegaira]: phil collins genesis singer [Guild] [Yarnessa]: he ruined genesis
226Tisifoni[Raid] [Thomaroar]: W1 taught me to handle to balls at the same time :D
225Mhegaira Thugra Khotan: Warriors! Murder these insects the same way you will ravage Khoraja!
224Thesage[Guild] [Siffhammer]: i told you. wb is tough and smart
223Honeypomm[Global] [Szeredt]: LF switzerland woman with a lot of money
222Honeyshadow[Group] [Nyseh]: this is not the same hole im used to
221Thesage[Global] [Bita]: the last night t3 raid run was a total failure. we had 3 wipes on 1st boss. Some players think they can play this game like a doom,
220Starnessa[NPH] [Shihuangdii]: fu.. i have play of dont die and this shit sever gos down and i dead FUCK ...! now all from begining ;(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((88
219Broccozilla[Global] [Komakaiha]: Why does the cock handler want to touch my clucker?
218Starnessa[Guild] [Mweru]: now shhh! No more fun. FOCKUS!!! :D
217Thesage[NPH] [Narakasha]: What do I do as a fresh 80 with no good gear? :P [NPH] [Lavioladora]: get good gear
216Honeyshadow[01:06] Chef Ravenkiss afflicts you with A Pinch of Salt
215Thesage[Demoleila]: lol i forgot the x-mas quest already :D [Starnessa]: what quest? [Demoleila]: the one we talked about before :D [Starnessa]: I'm pulling a blank here [Demoleila]: the one in claims [Demoleila]: misplaced gift [Starnessa]: the banana? [Demoleila]: beer mug :D
213Burritwo[Global] [Toffeess]: why does it say I cant use the flutes? [Global] [Mikestos]: no musical talent?
212Mhegaira Thugra Khotan: Warriors! Dissect these insects so that I may feed them to my snakes.
211MhegairaNobleman: Your mother was a lizard!
210EtoimasiaThugra Khotan: Warriors! Murder these insects the same way you will ravage Khoraja!
209Xerzex[19:46] [Guild] [Yarnessa]: I'll call my dt Honeyscam :D
208Broccozilla[NPH] [Theelders]: Cows Nest LFM 1 healer 2 dps lvl 80 3/6
207Chabuduo[Global] [Vinnydead]: PIT ARNE FAN PVP WELCOM ALL
206Mielesita[Group] [Racenecro]: replace all hotbars with SF and when you see Ruin then smash your face on the keyboard.
205Starnessa[20:04] [Guild] [Szeredt]: mark come raid ? [20:04] [Guild] [Fruitbot]: Haikano logged off
204Untgrad[NPH] [Talishira]: assassin is a weak class!
203Honey[Barbazza]: is there any way to make text in the caster bar biggier so i can read it while fighitng? [Global] [Bigblunt]: tape a magnigying glass to your face i think
201Valenziia[Group] [Szeredt]: why you so horny for rada ?
200Thesage[NPH] [Dengeldong]: stand still idiot, enoguh ero´s for rez are on...ballerbirne
199Demoleila[Global] [Daemonyal]: wy your are dont the in the mini ???
198Starnessa[NPH] [Nalianda]: swtors grapcis are as low as possible so that sheldon may play with his crappy notebook.
197Tisifoni[18:10] [Group] [Cynara]: np, i enjoy humping the banner ;p
196Yaphit[Raid] [Psychodeluxe]: ODER Grps [Raid] [Dantain]: use deoderent?
195Honeypomm[Group] [Fijndahl]: strongest mob in aoc: gravity
194Tisifoni[21:00] [Guild] [Starnessa]: thom, there's a dog stuck to your head
193TisifoniTatianus the Crier: Have you heard of Fruit Vendors and their myriad victories? Ask anyone and they shall begin the long tale describing all the creatures they have slain!
192Thesage[Raid] [Meanssasha]: you are all under arrest for noobness
191Thesage[Global] [Thaarsgar]: I think Mona Palace was a brothel outside New Orleans.
190UntgradYak raid: [Raid] [Ingemaros]: Are we about to start or is there time for a quick smoke? [Raid] [Ivluxe]: Smoking involves fire [Raid] [Ingemaros]: Right. Didn´t think about that. :)
189Etoimasia[21:53] [Group] [Dantain]: if you got it vitalizing jolt will heal the dread shadow
188RadexFijndahl deleted [The Rock] from the loot.
187Etoimasia[09:28] [Guild] [Xerzex]: Raids are the broccoli of AOC
186Tisifoni [Guild] [Honeyshammie]: me noob
185Haikano[09:09] [Guild] [Demoliicious]: Healdoh:Sohhhkem?
184Tisifoni[18:43] [Raid] [Gethsuga]: stoop on BOS omg YOU BLING
183Honeypomm[Global] [Kilias]: i also have kill 3458 real players you? [Global] [Patoburn]: im reporting you to the authorities Kilias [Global] [Crazyunknown]: No wonder there are so few players in this game then :frowning:
182DemoleilaTo [Ruccula]: are you Dracula's Vegan brother? :D
181HoneypommArbiter of Honor shouts: Once there was a little girl named Honeypomm. She discovered that she could talk to cats.
180Chabuduo[Guild] [Xerzex]: I wish Thom had a character called Tankengine so I could say "Thomas the Tankengine"
179Starnessa[Global] [Yungiy]: Yak Yak Yak All Day Long. Yak Yak Yak While I sing This Song.
178Valenziia[Global] [Xianmey]: any can help in emepror eye in Tarantia Nobel? need 9 people
177Agnesjensen[Global] [Barbazza]: hey. FUCK YOU vote kick assholes
176HoneypommLouhi shouts: Bzzzzap! Hahahaha!
175Chabuduo[Global] [Deelfy]: skull need 14 heal
174Chabuduo[Raid] [Gloey]: its well know there is bug in the parser software which cuts one zero off the guard numbers
173Chabuduo[Global] [Chabuduo]: I'm pretty sure, if we all work together, we can clear the trash mobs and the wb can have his lunch in peace. [Global] [Honeysin]: we cant , we need tank
172Brothersalsa[Askima]: may i ask - where are you, or your..."accent" from? your english sounds so beautiful and clear.
171Xerzex4. [Guard] Katherine (53456, dps: 822, burst: 6413) 5. [Demo] Mielesita (12216, dps: 394, burst: 4376)
170Xerzex6 : Honey 19879 (3%) - DPS: 220,9
169Lamdda[21:40] [Global] [Nikhto]: fany HV)
168Demoliicious[Guild] [Haikano]: We are Fruit Vendors. Not fruit storage. Vend more!
167Honeypomm[Global] [Dragonkralle]: 1 healer pom tos for dwg coat farm tell me
166Honeypomm[Global] [Nefraketh]: oh the world boss is this time a huge corona virus
165Yaphit[Guild] [Caireach]: [Global] [Kokinette]: it s clowns fiesta^^
164Valenziia[Guild] [Caireach]: Malleta/Tureis switch guild as much as I switch underwear. Once a week.
163ThomarakThey're not cheering anymore after the defeat of 50000:50463849. Aquilonian Spectator shouts: Who art thou? Who art thou? Who art thou? 50000:50463849? Cimmerian Spectator shouts: They're not cheering anymore after the defeat of 50000:50463849. A disappointing end for 50000:50463849.
162HoneypommYou mitigated 21474836 points of damage from Asshuri Cavalry attack.
161Agnesjensen[Guild] [Agnesjensen]: Still bothered by the Tempest's behavior, I consulted the Messenger. He gave me more of his riddle talk of lies and illusions and suggested that a wise man's eyes may not solve this mystery, but a stupid man's might. Now to find a stupid man. [Guild] [Agnesjensen]: I shall search in global
160Honeypomm[NPH] [Venatrella]: anyone tried playing this on a controller? [NPH] [Picklejuice]: You mean, like sitting on top of my wife while I play? no no no
159Honeypomm[Xxevinityxx]: can i invite you to group for a sex [Xxevinityxx]: sec [Xxevinityxx]: sorry
158HoneypommAll players are dead! The attackers will win in 15 seconds. A player is alive again!
157Yarnessa[Guild] [Yarnessa]: everybody's just picking their noses [Guild] [Agnesjensen]: it's wb [Guild] [Agnesjensen]: the slacker's choice :D
156Demoliicious[Raid] [Sigborn]: sorry too slow *Leaves* Only used smite the entire time
155Honeypomm[NPH] [Despotkonan]: i got some sexual desease in tarantia from xantha prostitute.how do i get cure?
154Haikano[22:59] [Global] [Shasta]: why do pvp when you can do pve against smarter enemies
153Honeyshadow[Global] [Floorpov]: whats the hardest you can do in age of conan [Global] [Rebelss]: get laid
152Thesage[Guild] [Demoliicious]: oo the healbot again [Guild] [Brothersalsa]: Healbotticus?
151Haikano[12:49] [Global] [Malleta]: [Mantle of Kuthchemes]wtt for legendary Kuth gem
150Thesage[Global] [Haikano]: Due to "Lizards on stick" dropping like rain another Ta-Neneh Elixir crafter quit AoC today. Sad times are these.
149Brothersalsa[Global] [Haet]: Anyone know where i can get the quest for the scared weapon of barb?
148Brothersalsa[NPH] [Brynjorn]: This game was developed by a bunch of rhesus monkeys
147Honeypomm[Global] [Anuvesererak]: fast atzels, wtb 2 randoms
146Honeypomm[Group] [Honeypomm]: just move him backwords a step or 2 when he pee lava:P [Group] [Korgull]: yes *Runs straight for camp* [Group] [Honeypomm]: mmm or wipe us, whatever is easier xD You gain Death Penalty 1
145Honeypomm[Korsti]: and when any ppl sale a good gem. then i can payhim with you xD
144Honeyshadow[Global] [Jutai]: WTB 600 [Gossamer Silk] 40g [Global] [Chucknorrisx]: [Gossamer Silk]WTS x600 for 41G
143Yaphit[Global] [Mayumia]: Is it just me or does this succubus pet spend most of her time nuking shit I already killed??
142Yaphit[Guild] [Yaphit]: Save Fruit City! [Guild] [Haikano]: Los Anananos
141Xerzex[18:35] [Group] [Fijndahl]: I got some advice from Killraven. And by doing the complete opposite I started to be a really good pom
140Xerzhina[Global] [Sorimba]: Caravan robber hiding place nm 2/6
139Xerzex[17:37] [Hunntus]: i feel betrayed anyway! you have a VEGETABLE in FRUIT vendors!
138XerzexKubami to Nitrogen [21:11] [Kubami]: shut up dumb fuck u cant take aggro with full t6 u have a brain of pie
137XerzexKubami to Nitrogen [21:28] [Kubami]: i didnt target u, on AF, but u were on Downsong, and as far as i know gateza geared u up
136Thesage[Raid] [Ravdalf]: Patience people, Merlin is MIA :< [Raid] [Gamadeen]: he is going to be late as he said [Raid] [Gothrek]: he is trying to buy some toilet paper [Raid] [Ravdalf]: much?
135Xerzex[16:59] [Global] [Lemordet]: Is flat sex better than ranged comabt rating?
134Honeypomm[Global] [Humperdoo]: in order to get corona, 1st you'll have to interact with human people, so most of global should be safe
133Thesage[NPH] [Letmefixuu]: is it safe to go kithai? [NPH] [Turelagh]: no, corona there
132Honeyshadow[Group] [Aepione]: i just focus on heal
131Xerzex[Global] [Tidpopatron]: is bundrov still around [Global] [Urundor]: yeah, he's on his alt, xerzex
130Valenziia[Global] [Sigulfr]: I fell in a river and my horse drowned, where can I get a new one?
129Yaphit[NPH] [Grivuzi]: Can anyone help with the tasks in the Imeria Gorge?
128Thesage[Raid] [Nectis]: this big snake was too much for my little necro... :p
127Holycleaner[Global] [Eidrie]: *they say masturbation builds up finger strength...
126Yaphit[Raid] [Skaiwalker]: .."I sense some...disburing in the force"..
125Xerzex[Guild] [Honeypomm]: I sometimes stand in the garden with a green hat and orange overall and prented that I am a carrot
124Thesage[Global] [Cauvin]: don't share your passrod
123Haikano24. Kinkykonge: 3.305 (3305,0) (0,0%)
122Yaphit[Global] [Jonnymedic]: Teamspeak is way better than Discord. It doesn't have a blog but it's a proper VOIP.
121Haikano [Raid] [Malvatron]: Damages [Raid] [Malvatron]: Heals [Raid] [Psychodeluxe]: only a penis size meter [Raid] [Malvatron]: hmm, 23 : Psychodeluxe 46471 (1%) - DPS: 41
120Honeypomm[Guild] [Haikano]: Norway > Sweden
119Nephertites[Dreadshadow]: toxic vendors
117Thesage[NPH] [Beatricy]: All year nothing happens, then failcom decides to place the wb during the halloween event which has some really long quests
116Shugorann[Global] [Kludtheguard]: When you join RF it gives you options like Damage or Healer or Tank, but it never gives you the option of "Piss Poor Tank" which would be me.
115Honeypomm[22:41] [Global] [Cryformesky]: yeah XP aa gear plz [22:41] [Global] [Cryformesky]: and MSN
114Clownfiesta[Raid] [Motux]: we're really good at dying efficiently
113Demoliicious[Global] [Merrymann]: There are three genders. Male, female and AoC player
112Thesage[Global] [Bobegil]: wow has the best graphic of any current mmo
111Thomaroar[NPH] [Bootlagger]: Last time Ssatetka texted me, was to ask if I would go to orlando florida to 'survillance' some girl he knew, he is a stalker crazy person
110Thomaroar[Global] [Osnovnoy]: GOLDPOTION NICCC NICK NAM FOR MY MAIN?/////
109Demoliicious[Global] [Liberari]: lame Vortex Palace HM need mT-rogue(perks)-1 2 heal dps
108Clownfiesta[Global] [Majorx]: looking to buy full 3 guild [Global] [Tyuule]: 3 guild members?
107HoneypommChild shouts: Wow, Honeypomm is a real hero!
106Holycleaner[NPH] [Matrixnecro]: i guess i might get banned, np, remember if shealeigh says good mornong, open your curtains just to check if its morning, if he shakes your hand, count your fingers after, he is egpal thief
105Clownfiesta[Global] [Huckers]: khitai ruined this game.. the instances were stupidly rediculou
104Arttio[Group] [Happydude]: no :( tell maark he sucks [Group] [Alternation]: he knows.. he knows.. he better
103Arttio[22:23] [Group] [Happydude]: no :( tell maark he sucks [22:24] [Group] [Alternation]: he knows.. he knows.. he better
102Thomaran[NPH] [Batteryout]: after you got a rez from a necromancer, you just smell a bit funny and have to wrok for the necro for some weeks as a servant-assistant
101Honeypomm[Oberya]: Im ded very sad [Horisheb]: walk it off
100Aggrowife[Guild] [Haikano]: "A woman was arrested in Oslo today. She was caught hitting on a window and scream about folk dancers. She was taken with ambulande to have mental evaluation.... "
99Honeypomm[Global] [Voidesque]: Can you only do WB once? [Global] [Reinicio]: yes only once never again after that [Global] [Reinicio]: if you try you get banned
98Honeypomm[Evilkhitan] shouts: WTS NECRO pay my pimp row
97Aggrowife[Global] [Monkydlufy]: THE TRUE EXPLOITERS ARE NEVER BANEATED
96Holycleaner[Global] [Fruitypants]: any midgets wanna fight?
95Barrywight[Raid] [Teppsie]: stop that fuck votes
94Haikano[Raid] [Juangel]: BS is a very bad secondary healer, has a little protection for the group, not good for raids or as primary heale
93Honeystab[Global] [Anacarolina]: but I dont have patience for noobs in raids
92Barrywight[Global] [Zolya]: KK HM RUN need 2 tanks (1 fat please) and 1 rogue COME TO DANCE WITH US /tell Didianaa for inv
91Thomaran[Global] [Flower]: Scream into your keyboard
90Honeypomm[Raid] [Ubermiley]: need to tell mom about my new achivement, brb
89Xerzex[NPH] [Willowfrend]: Bag Full, Merchant @ Canavaria!
88Honeypomm[Global] [Diazepam]: didn't lerchee get killed by a loot box?
87Yarnessa[Global] [Junimond]: epic wb has ten times the hp
86HoneypommAnacarolina [Global] [Geniusd]: she does guard dps with ranger aggro
85Xerzex[22:34] [Global] [Heban]: ATCEL FORTEC
84Demoliicious[Raid] [Henryguise]: Necro pet: "Blighted One" is for mana drain. They do not do any DPS !
82Siffhammer[Global] [Rollgar]: got obombo follwer teram
81Siffhammer[Global] [Conquered]: anybody home? [Global] [Satetka]: yeS? [Global] [Conquered]: oh, I need an adult [Global] [Slufz]: xD [Global] [Cassidian]: diaper change ? [Global] [Conquered]: no, theres a strange man offering all the kids candy if they "join him". Stranger danger
80Solarbonite[Guild] [Xerzex]: Think I skip RF this week.
79Honeypomm[Global] [Lolclass]: U are not getting bound from doing raids, so u can do all as many times you want
78Xerzex12:22] [Global] [Casz]: AoC launch was insanely well.
77Xerzex[10:47] [Guild] [Honeypomm]: true poms dont use green heal
76Xerzex[12:32] [Guild] [Honeypomm]: Honey never die!!!
75Solarbonite[Guild] [Lajuhits]: I want one with BlackDiggerNick :D
74Honeypomm[Global] [Oricia]: THE BREATH UC - one rogue or healer pls
73Littlehiney[Guild] [Solarbonite]: laju? [Guild] [Kecy]: yepp [Guild] [Solarbonite]: you're uninvited from my birthday party [Guild] [Fruitbot]: Solarbonite logged off
72Barrywight[Global] [Tamim]: a9eeeefr arkb 3leeeeh w ant bl raid
71Honeypomm[Global] [Necromate]: i have only 2 fingers cant play melee. #Bestexcusegoto...
70Yaphit[Global] [Xerzex]: Any sin made it to level 80 unconquered yet? If so, could you like me the vanity dagger(s)? :) [Global] [Gordonliu]: I like you all the daggers
69Thomaroar[Global] [Tura]: Hard drive catches fire [Global] [Amevr]: which is a title
68Xerzex[11:23] [Global] [?k?????]: damn evrogei and American fat-men, kicked from the raid of the best player for the Russian nickname, so that the Russian president turned you into radioactive ash, kids whore
67Brothersalsa[Global] [Loubnaanecro]: like i know is best dt steroidmolch in pvp he never lost a duel i saw with my own eyes he raped staircase hard so many times
66Xerzex[14:48] [Global] [Juhno]: 1X TANK 1X HEAL 2X DPS ATZL FOREST
65Maarcelle[Raid] [Kaymarr]: wheres Johnny Cash when we need him ?! [Raid] [Thomaran]: don't know. but i can log Barrywight
64HoneypommYour Shark hits you for 42170 damage.
63Honeypomm[Group] [Sikring]: If i res up within 5 sec it dosent count. Just like the 5sec rule when you drop food on the floor.
62Barrywight[Global] [Iampeasant]: last servar sega im no win slot ,,,,, what lv need for win slot on sega servar???
61Boromier[Group] [Caireach]: Cut scene crits Boromier for 9389 troll damage.
60Thomaran[Global] [Anacarolina]: It's better this name, I speak in rf, everyone feels my fingers in ass.
59Haikano[Global] [Juangel]: just because he has a blog with clothes think he knows how to play
58Xerzex[Raid] [Cathblath]: do not body block jumpimg players [Raid] [Cathblath]: when you do in this fight, you kill them
57Yarnessa[Global] [Hyatai]: ymirish herald hoef in thor but he hasn't moved for 15 mins [Global] [Suriant]: because WB is near rezpad [Global] [Hyatai]: I'm that stupid? [Global] [Hyatai]: yes I am
56Brothersalsa[Mirloth]: [Raid] [Voidshogun]: never charge i toth amons raid
55KatsaniaMermaides? [Global] [Scorchsaga]: if top part fish she cant talk back
54Honeypomm[Group] [Katzz]: You mitigated 21474836 points of damage from Skeletal Archer attack. Skeletal Archer's Spell heals you for 21474836.
53Xerzex[14:28] [Global] [Minitah]: rouges can take down WBs defence for a few sec. If many players score critical hits at the right time then WB goes down
52Xerzex[22:00] [Semitrailer]: I'll stay in Thom
51Honeypomm[Guild] [Xerzex]: My friends bought two donkeys and named them Harry and Steve.
50Thomaroar[Raid] [Toskurados]: IS GOOD POET DEFENSIVE AND OUT RAID END
49Honeypomm[NPH] [Kittypaws]: cause i burn them alive
48Honeypomm[Global] [Kantaqua]: T5 Thoth only: 1 random
47Brothersalsa[Guild] [Xerzex]: This is why I dont play casters. Cant spell!
46Brothersalsa[Guild] [Xerzex]: Maybe fist him from the goat outside
45Nephertites[Raid] [Onlyconq]: im sing like dps
44Brothersalsa[Ignorantus]: Informant whispers: The townspeople say it's bad luck for Brothersalsa's shadow to cross your path, Ignorantus... take care not to anger him.
43Brothersalsa[Ignorantus]: !magic8ball Should I flush 200 gold on the useless horse quest? [Fubot]: The magic 8-ball says: Most likely.
42Necrolinaa[Global] [Chachapom]: grats homo
41Thomaroar[Guild] [Xerzex]: What's a Veil?
40Onekingkongetext [Rawine]: hover cursor over Wisdom in the Attributes/General menu. I agree that Strength is good for BS, but Wisdom is for more than Mana...unless FC forgot to change info on stats
39Clownfiesta[Global] [Warthrot]: ty all the noobs who make r f harder. f u and c u next week
38Honeystab[Guild] [Xerzex]: I had a big bomg :)
37Xerzex[14:20] [Guild] [Fruitbot]: "-1" (Lvl 80 Assassin) Logged On :: Alt of 402769230 :: Details ::
36Caireach[Raid] [Doublefart]: uff, sorry, my fail, stepp in snit
35Thomaroar[Guild] [Solarbonite]: oh, we can talk behind the raidleaders back [Guild] [Thomaroar]: yeeee! [Guild] [Solarbonite]: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!
34Katzz[Thomaroar]: no offense but the dt is the Waystalker/pyro of this game./ [Thomaroar]: it attacks way too many special people./ To [Thomaroar]: that is terrible :O
33Xerzex[21:50] [Guild] [Sikring]: I never die!
32Thomaran[Global] [Afonya]: Blizzard Entertainment This gaming site hacked the card Conan and took the money
31Xerzex[Global] [Necrowner]: never ask me log on saga or fuck you again [Global] [Savukataja]: log back to saga!
30Honeypomm[Raid] [Dismaul]: spider porn- For those who take a leg fetish to the extreme
29Honeypomm[NPH] [Iarlaruadh]: in soviet russia t6 weapon claims you!!
28Honeypomm[Group] [Xerzex]: Ibland går jag och ställer mig bredvid andra personer i AOC och låtsas att jag har vänner
27Thomaroar[Group] [Xerzex]: This last one frozes someone random just click them to unstone them
26Thomaran[Global] [Louk]: sign rf or your bird will become smaller
25Clownfiesta[Raid] [Bumpinuglies]: hEALERS - wATCH FOR STINK FOOT
24Shugorann[Global] [Thardarsuul]: sign the BLIKSEMSE mini already!!!
22Xerzex[Global] [Trickym]: yes wb end fore this mouth
21Katzz[Guild] [Thomaran]: take it easy. don't hurry. we are not like people yet
20XerzexNo chat command or script named "unsuck" available.
19Thomaroar[NPH] [Guinnever]: shit hide on respad alongside the mini
18Clownfiesta[Global] [Inwictus]: why t6 neclases for conq are crap
17Barrywight[Global] [Supermalaka]: ?? ? 2? ?????,??????)
16Thomaran[Guild] [Xerzex]: And neither Maly or Thom is there. How can it be Clown Fiesta?
14Thomaroar[Global] [Ariadne]: Why is Satetka not teaching his guild something? But rather is playing Starcraft 2?
13Xerzex[Global] [Anacarolina]: a healer that has dps has no heal
12Yarnessa[Global] [Hyeok]: i cant wait for zaag of blood lowbie pvp clown fiesta at white sands
11Xerzex[Guild] [Thomaran]: !alts add Thomaran [Guild] [Fruitbot]: You cannot register yourself as your own alt.
10Xerzex[Raid] [Kokinette]: i am pcp gear dont kick me plz [Raid] [Kokinette]: pvp A vote to kick Kokinette from the team has started.
9Barrywight[NPH] [Mahrta]: for those who like to use as a tank, will suffer to make ticks in minion
8Breea[Guild] [Katzz]: now time to rub my Butt on Marc's throne
7Liwah[Raid] [Xerzex]: Sometimes I wish I was a newt.
6Disappointia[Global] [Catnap]: whats the point to attacking the same mob nonstop for a week just for electric boogies and esteem tokens?
5Mangotemplar[Global] [Ripaocpvp]: How do you report a GM for abuse?
4Maarcelle[Raid] [Juangel]: I'm not here to give heal, I came in mode fucking dps
3Disappointia[Raid] [Gandd]: never sniff juice [Raid] [Trojka]: some people just can't be trusted with juice
2Maarcelle [Global] [Psychodeluxe]: put Olihealnix to Igno becorse he is destructive
1Maarcelle[21:56] [Guild] [Fruitbot]: No quotes exist. Add some!

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