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The Ivory Tower Quotes

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28Topplayereu[Group] [Mitraneea]: POM is a suppor thealer in chaor, we should have skilled tos / bs with protections, pom offhealer
27Topplayereu[Group] [Mitraneea]: POM is a suppor thealer in chaor, we should have skilled tos / bs with protections, pom offhealer
26Cappaisabot[22:49] [Eelysian]: idiot, first and last time with you in grp, fail player
25Basthete[NPH] [Anacarolina]: I'm looking for someone full wisdow DT to tell me what I'm doing wrong
24Malystrie[Global] [Durdel]: Satetka, I actually appreciate your efforts, and saying so may get me hurt, but you do add much to the game
23Malystrie[Global] [Cristiane]: its good for t1-t2 armor ([Sin] Cristiane (34249, dps: 835, burst: 6597) ) [Global] [Cristiane]: with a scarecrow in guild city
22Yaywalker[Global] [Hungrycappa]: intel gives critical damages with Will of the sublime [Global] [Doocjones]: amd doesnt?
21Orrys[Guild] [Niukh]: ellow [Guild] [Fijndahl]: reen [Guild] [Fijndahl]: thought you were naming colours without the 1st letter ;-P
20Ignorantus[Global] [Morhgoroth]: any raid missing players [Global] [Luchiana]: no but im shur that theres a lot of villages missing their idiots
19Orrys[Global] [Yadiira]: Ivory Tower home of of the newborn hackers :) [Global] [Pewpewgirl]: only idiots in that gild
18Orrys[Group] [Morinec]: Biggest ass ive seen on a man [Group] [Morinec]: not that i scan men asses wherever i go [Group] [Morinec]: :S [Group] [Medeaceae]: busted!
17Achwellan[Group] [Augustov]: i think that rezz al the time guard heal at guard all the time and kill fast the sentinel
16Achwellan[Raid] [Hwannung]: stunn is straignt up death0 for a tali dt hole shit man
15Orrys[21:05] [Group] [Bubastis]: ok, with that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, welcome Steroids!
14Orrys[Global] [Bubastis]: AOK unchained, come for the daily unchained challenge...stay for the man panties that are the size of a house and smell like old warm leather.
13Orrys[Guild] [Chillix]: we need to hear the horn for motivation [Guild] [Thesage]: yeah, where is the horn? [Guild] [Aziidani]: wife got the horn again. She's napping before work [Guild] [Yoelrey]: She naps with the horn? [Guild] [Aziidani]: no she takes it because she knows I can't let it be
12Orrys[Group] [Achwellan]: that was weird. think i got lag in brains
11Chillix[Global] [Mapycka]: WE LOVE MARYCKA [Global] [Sthure]: u cant even spell ur name
10Chillix[Global] [??????????]: i relog my dt and all ppl in The ivory tower, will be suck my dick
9Theminstrel[Raid] [Smolet]: 1 gr up left, 2 gr up right [Raid] [Cheylademo]: why 2 groups up right ????
8Chillix[Global] [Satetka]: lets all hold hands like KOA and destiny and BLR and sing kumbaya around a campfire in stygia
7Orrys[Guild] [Creampied]: how do I beat this snake in halloween quest again? [Guild] [Simla]: guild chat nsfw?
6Hersch[Raid] [Redved]: lets have Mal and Cynara calling stuff
5Evito[Global] [Trojka]: ivory tower is people from a couple guilds, who was at once in the same guild, and now noone can stand the sight of anymore, so they made their own where they can gradually grow to loathe each other.
4Evito[Global] [Kamirconq]: The Ivory Tower who is leader ? [Global] [Lurvi]: satetka
3Orrys[Raid] [Redartin]: [19:41] Application received from Zeroagro [Raid] [Redartin]: is that Maero?
2Luuspelz[18:41] [Group] [Juthor]: juthor is a noob anyway
1Iyon[Global] [Doranecro]: how do you know how many ppls short in RF? [Global] [Xilill]: most people are around the same height in AoC.

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